Gotta Style 'Em all!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past week you’ll know that Pokémon (yes those cute little monsters you used to play with on your Game Boy and trade cards with in the playground throughout the 90’s) are back, and back in a very big way. So what’s all the fuss about? Essentially Pokémon Go is Pokémon for the 21st century… it’s an augmented reality game for your phone that allows you to actually catch all 151 Pokémon including Pikachu and our personal fave, Jigglypuff, in real life. By using your phone’s GPS the encourages users to seek out rare Pokémon in a variety of locations in their city and train them to fight and become stronger. Since it’s release in Australia, New Zealand and the US last week it’s been downloaded roughly 7.5 million times, has now been downloaded more times than dating app Tinder and has set Nintendo’s shares soaring over 50%. And with rollout across Europe and Asia happening at the moment it’s on track to surpass even Twitter’s daily active users! Whilst the game has been met with some odd stories including a girl in the US who found a dead body near a river whilst out catching ‘em all, overall the game has been widely applauded for its positive impact on mental health as it’s getting more and more people out of the house and socialising with the community around them. But if you decide on catching 'em all too, we want you to do it in style! Hence, we would advise you to wear a Marcelo Burlon T-Shirt and to make sure you don't get too tired by walking all around, we would combine this with Vans Leather Trainers
So in honour of this nostalgic phenomenon Stylight decided to give a stylish spin to the game and turn style icons into our favourite Pokémon pocket monsters.

Cara Delevingne as Pikachu

Adorable yellow monster Pikachu is arguably the most well known Pokémon around. Pikachu’s quirky little ears and squidgy rosy cheeks (where he actually stores electricity!) make him one of the most loveable and playful looking Pokémons. Therefore we thought that he’d be the perfect match for fun-loving model turned actress Cara Delevingne, who’s personality could easily be described as electric! We’ve donned Pikachu in her signature leather jacket and beanie.

Anna Wintour as Charmander

Little orange dragon Charmander is another of the game’s original monsters and one of it’s most used. Although mostly good natured, when angry or whilst fighting his flaming tale burns brighter and he can be a feisty force to be reckoned with. Must like the first lady of fashion Anna Wintour who’s been known to reduce designers to tears with just one glance!

Karl Lagerfeld as Ninetales

Karl Lagerfeld and Ninetails seemed to be the perfect fit for so many reasons. Regarded as one of the most intelligent and regal Pokémon, Ninetails is covered in a luxurious fur and sports a thick, white mane around it’s neck which reminded us of Lagerfeld’s distinctive thick collar and trademark elegant style. In addition to this, can live easily for 1,000 years which, we feel, is what Karl might do too!

Victoria Beckham as Mew

Pink mammal like creature Mew intelligent and high-spirited. Her slender, feminine body reminded us of naturally feline Victoria Beckham, whose tall silhouette seems to mimic Mew’s! How great does she look in those shades?!

Suzy Menkes as Jigglypuff

Jigglypuff is a kind of fairy-Pokémon hybrid; and with her pointy, cat-like ears and pink balloon shape we have to say she’s one of the cutest monsters around! Given her cuteness, love of pink and of course that little quiff of hair we couldn’t help morphing her with International Vogue Editor Suzy Menkes!

Jean Paul Gaultier as Poliwag

Poliwag, a tadpole hybrid is one of the only water-type Pokémon in the bunch. The swirl pattern on it’s abdomen instantly reminded us of French designer Jean Paul Gaultier’s signature use of breton stripes and his love of Gallic blue!

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So which would you throw a Pokeball at? Or have you gotta style ‘em all?!