Running Shoes

Running 101: Everything You Need To Know About Finding Your Fitness Sole-Mate


If the whole ‘new year, new you’ thing isn’t really working, we understand. We all start January with the greatest intentions, trying out juice cleanses, spiralizers and a variety of crazy classes but often it doesn’t really stick and by March we’re indulging in Netflix marathons rather then real marathons. 

However now the evenings are lighter and the weather a bit milder we suggest giving jogging a try! It’s the perfect antidote to being stuck in an office in front of the computer all day and just think, with the right training you could be one of those smug London Marathon runners this time next year! 

The one thing that’s really important for successful running (other than a killer playlist) is the right running shoe, and so often people are put off running because of injuries and this is often due to the wrong choice of trainer. So to help you out we’ve asked experts in the field, researched trends and compiled our ultimate list of tips about how to find the perfect shoe for you and how to take care of them too!

Trainer Trends 2015


The predominant trend this season is neon. Especially in pink, orange and turquoise hues. If colour isn’t really your bag, go for more muted tones such as purples and greens. 

Don’t judge a book by it’s cover! As Dr. Matthias Marquardt, doctor, running expert, and motivation trainer states ‘The wrong shoe can make training really painful. If you find a shoe that suits you technically and enhances your running technique stick to it regardless of colour or style. Never the other way around!’

It’s also important to invest in a good pair of trainers. The right pair will revolutionise the running experience so don’t buy Primark or Poundland ones (yes they do exist!) just to save a bit of cash. As Dr. Marquardt. wisely points out “Usually you don’t regret buying expensive high-quality products – same thing goes for running shoes.”

Technical Trends


In terms of technical trends for 2015, there were two key front runners: maximalist and support. The maximalist trend is – after barefoot running – the next big thing. Maximalist shoes have outer soles made of firm RMAT foam (making them a little like moon boots), which provides a soft and comfortable ride. The extra cushioning helps to absorb shocks when running. Maximalist shoes are mostly suitable for the injury-prone or long distance runners. The front-runner in this trend is Hoka, but also Adidas, Pearl Izumi and Nike are following in their footsteps in 2015. 

The other big trend for running shoes is support. Design is kept minimal and streamlined with less seams and one-piece knitted uppers. Supportive shoes are designed to provide comfort as well as support you throughout the run. Technical improvements mean that shoes are not only more supportive but also lighter, more resilient and flexible with the help of four-way stretch fabrics and fancy engineered mesh. 

Additional technical improvements for 2015 include the use of knitting techniques, coatings which provide protection from the elements, breathable fabrics and improved traction for trail running. 

Tie the Problem Away


It’s always the way isn’t it, when you try them on in the shop it feels as if you’re walking on clouds but after the first kilometre you’re whipping out the compeed. If your shoes pinch on the instep, make your toes hurt or give you any other grief we bet that you can simply ‘tie’ the problem away. Unbelievably tying your shoes with different techniques alleviates problems and often improves running technique.

The Big Plan


Even the best running shoes are of no use if you’re just going to keep them in the box gathering dust.  Motivation trainer Dr. Marquardt advises: “Big things usually begin with a good plan. You have to keep training for at least twelve weeks, to establish a new habit. In the first weeks it’s very important to run regularly. After 12 weeks it will just feel natural!”

There’s no better workout motivation than brand new threads so why not invest in some fresh Vans shoes, a new baseball cap and some Adidas Originals pants to make that trip to the gym a little more enjoyable!

See you at the finish line!